Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Cavedoll remix by XSAY

The Lost and Found (XSAY remix)

Check it! I love this one. Has a nice hypnotic quality to it. Remix albums will be coming out this summer.

XSAY on Myspace


artwork by FACA

New music by THE BUDDA CAKES

The BUDDA CAKES @ Last.fm

BUDDA CAKES!!! (not my favorite group name, but he's REALLY cute so we'll forgive him). Very fabulous...and nuts.. He's giving away the entire album for free it seems, so get it while it's hot. This music, for me, has a certain indescribable magic or charm that is lacking in so much music that I hear.

The lyrics are clever, the vocals, rich and textural, the accordian...sounds cool again (did it ever?)...and it definitely has some lovely british swank going for it.

Recommended if you like: The Beatles, early Pink Floyd, Blur, Hawksley Workman, The Talking Heads, etc.

Upcoming Events

Hi Folks, A few Cavedoll shows this month...

...this Wednesday! (April 30th)
Come out to Club Bricks (21 and over) and hear me DJ some brand new Cavedoll material.
Including new electro covers of songs by Jane's Addiction, Radiohead, Tori Amos, Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Rage Against the Machine, Blur, PJ Harvey, and more!

Saturday, May 3rd The Factory (Logan) ALL AGES
w/ Bring Your Guns

Friday, May 16th The TRAPP DOOR (21 and over)
w/ Simple Shelter (Revolting Cocks lead singer)
*Tickets are $7 the night of the show and $5 if you pre-order them. Email me for pre-sale tickets.

Sunday, May 18th Kilby Court ( ALL AGES)
w/ SLAJO, 7:30pm

Friday May 30th, ABG's in Provo (21 and over)
w/ Digital Lov


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

These are the Covers we played on KRCL! ENJOY KIDS!!!

Cornflake Girl-Cavedoll

Karma Police-Cavedoll


Not a Side Show with Circus Brown

Not only did Circus Brown win a Salt Lake City Weekly Best of award he is a really sweet and cute guy. I only got one side view picture of him while we were there, 'cause I didn't want to seem like a weirdo. I have a problem taking pictures in public. It is strange. I went to New York in 2001 before 9/11 and was right on top of the World Trade Center and didn't take one picture. I am crazy. I actually didn't take any pictures the whole time I was there. No evidence I guess. Below is the evidence of a good time at KRCL.

We got there at around 9:30pm. Met Circus officially. I had seen him at shows, but hadn't properly introduced myself. Like I said before, he is really sweet. So many thank yous and he likes our music, and plays us when we aren't even there in his face. Hehehe. We set up our equipment with the help of Connery the engineer.

We were going to play our three songs, chat and play our unreleased tracks. There was a technically difficulty and we weren't getting any sound through our headphones. This was a real problem and poor Connery had to figure out how to fix it. After a lot of tinkering and an hour later he fixed it. Some people record that way with a full band through headphones, but I never have and it was like being in a bubble of music. I could only really hear myself, so I was hoping that what I was doing was lining up with everyone else. I think it did, I haven't gotten a chance to hear the whole radio show.

During the whole tinkering session Circus played one of our covers we did, "Cornflake Girl" by Tori Amos. I was disappointed because we didn't get to talk about it or spotlight it. I don't think he even mentioned who it was, which is cool he was very busy. Well it was us. That song was the first song I ever performed with a band. I did it when I was a junior in high school with my brother Denson and Matt Farnsworth for the prom assembly. I was nominated for prom queen from the drama club, but alas too rockin' to win. I got in trouble for my dance moves and my belly shirt. The filth!

After we played we did a little "interview." I was tired and nervous and didn't know what to say. I just said "thanks for having us," and such. Camden was great, he plugged our upcoming show in Logan on the 3rd of May and the show on May 16th with Simple Shelter at the Trapp Door. That show will be great. I have tickets for $7 if anyone needs one, just comment and I will get it to you. Then Circus played our cover of "Karma Police," by Radio Head. It was so nice to hear it big. That is a beautiful song and a lot of people hold it dear. It was a cover done with great care that is for sure. When Camden gets home I will have him posted the MP3s of both, so if you didn't hear them on the radio you can hear them here. Ta-Da!

It was a good time overall and we can't wait do it again. Hopefully without the glitches. Poor Connery. Thanks again to Circus and Connery for having us. I can really see why you are the BEST!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Live Photos by Mike Terry

Mike Terry is the most talented photographer for the Deseret News here in Utah. He is also a great person. These are some shots that he took for us at a Bar Deluxe show. That show was so cold. They had the fans on and I swear the air conditioning. Mike's photos make us look way cool. He is so brilliant and has such a good eye that even the smeary fast photos are beautiful. There were 400 pictures taken, so these are just the ones that I personally like best. Enjoy and Thanks Mike!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Terminal 11 music. Put the headphones on and get ready to lose your mind.

"Unicorn Peyote Kaleidoscope" - Treasure Mammal remix by TERMINAL 11

Terminal 11...a fantastic producer/experimentalist from Mesa, AZ. Mike (Terminal 11) is currently working on remixes of 2 Cavedoll songs. Can't wait to see what he comes up with. This particular track freaks me out. Put on some headphones turn it up very loud and enjoy.

Recommended for fans of: Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Photek, Mouse On Mars

Show Mike some love @ http://www.myspace.com/terminal11

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cavedoll Billie Holiday cover

This is the first cover Vanessa and I ever worked on together. This is an old Billie Holiday song. We made this sometime around 2003 I think. 

It's available for purchase on our album THEY USED TO BE on iTunes if you're interested. Enjoy! - Camden

Blogging, Schmogging

The word blog is so funny to me.  It sounds like something you should excuse yourself for doing.  "I blogged, excuse me. "  Maybe some people should, and maybe I will have to in the future. 

So Camden and I had this same exact idea yesterday to create a blog about our band Cavedoll.  We are part of the generation that constantly has to reveal itself to others.  I think that stems from not enough parental attention and being raised by television.  Nothing is private.  Nothing will be...as far as the band goes anyway.  Here is it my first blog.  Pardon me....

We had practice last night.  It went pretty well.  We were trying out a drummer.  Jamison, the drummer that is on almost all of the tracks, has become a pilot instructor.  He has been working crazy long hours and has been loving every second of it.  We are all really proud of him for making his dream come true.  Well, with all that dream making some thing have got to take a back seat, and that was us.  We are cool with it, its not an issue.  We were going to use the backing track and the videos when he couldn't play with us, so we had options.  We were trying out another drummer because there are just things a DVD player can't do that a human can, well a lot of things.  We have had problems in the past with the videos and it has been a source of stress off and on.  I like it and I hate it.

Saturday we are playing on Circus Brown's show, Not a Side Show on KRCL 90.9 at 10p.m.  You should tune in if you can.  I am freaked out because I don't even like to leave messages on peoples' voice mail let a lone chat it up on the F-ING RADIO!!!  Listen in to see if I make an ass out of myself.  We are playing Decoder, Dive the Night Away, and The Shadow.  Plus, some unreleased stuff that we just recorded.  Camden can't stop making songs it is a compulsion.  I will write all about it afterward so you all get the behind the mic dirt!  I think that this will become my compulsion, beside yarn, this is pretty fun.  ~Besitos~ Knessa