Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New review of NO VERTIGO in Beyond Race Magazine

“Cavedoll's new album No Vertigo – one of ten albums released this year by the band – is a brilliant melding of different genres that represents the band perfectly. Depending on who's singing lead – Camden Chamberlain or his wife Vanessa – the sound can sway anywhere between an electro-B-52's or an indie-pop Bowie. The songs are up-beat and danceable most of the time but tend to have a dark, Cure-like undertone as well. Camden's dark croon is similar to the distinct drone of Interpol's Paul Banks. Juxtaposed with Vanessa's feminine presence, the dual vocals add another layer to the songs.

Standout track "Taste Like a Hurricane" is the cream of the dance-pop crop, with Vanessa's sugary vocals and an up-beat chorus over simple yet effective synth beats. The influences are evident but don't mistake them for a tribute band. Cavedoll are definitely innovative enough to stand their ground.”
-Janine Rizak, Beyond Race Magazine

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